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How we do it

When we promise “Reviews You Can Trust,” we mean it. Our primary goal with every review and recommendation at The Taster is to get it right—to provide the information and judgment you need to choose where and what to eat and drink.

To that end:

  • We’ll never take advertisements from the places we cover
  • We’ll always book under pseudonyms; no sense restaurants knowing we’re coming
  • We’ll always pay our own way
  • We’ll always go twice, at least, for starred reviews
  • We’ll always declare conflicts, no matter how minor
  • And above all, we’ll always put our readers first

It’s important to point out, however, that restaurants and dishes are notoriously moving targets.

Staff turns over. Menus change. Most restaurants, and especially new restaurants, can have good nights and bad nights. As for that table of 10 you sat next to, doing all the shouting and drenched in Drakkar Noir, we swear they weren’t there when we last dropped by.

So we want to hear your experiences. Let us know where you’ve been eating, and whether we got it right. And if there are places we should be writing about but haven’t, we want to know that too. Hit us any time at